7 tips to ensure small business success

Over the last 6 years working with over 1500 small business owners I’ve heard a myriad of reasons about WHY people start a business but typically they boil down to one of 3 core reasons for embarking on one of life’s riskiest journeys.

Reason 1 (the most popular one) – running away from a bad work situation with the belief they can do it much better themselves.

Reason 2 – receiving a payout from an employer and buying a business which both sadly and frequently results in buying the lowest paid job of their career.

Reason 3 (the most successful one) – running towards a long held dream.

Irrespective of your motivation, I doubt you’re going into business with a desire for failure and I suspect you might welcome 7 tips that could enhance your chances for long term success.

Tip 1 – understand why most businesses fail to reach their full potential.

Tip 2 – know where you are

Tip 3 – know where you’re going

Tip 4 – decide your income

Tip 5 – tell the world

Tip 6 – manage for success

Tip 7 – get a Coach or Mentor or both

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