5 Tips to beat business loneliness?

Whilst working with small business clients recently I noticed a common recurring theme where many expressed feelings of loneliness in their businesses.

Most clients – and particularly those working from home – stated how they had become acutely aware of the time they spend on their computers or in their ‘sheds’ and how little social interaction they have. Surprisingly even owners of retail shops and trades people working in people’s homes spoke about how they too noticed people interaction was missing from their daily lives.

So the purpose of this article is to offer 5 tips on how YOU can banish the loneliness blues from your business day.

Tip1 – use the 45 minute method of working – i.e. break down bigger tasks or projects into activities that take around 45 minutes to complete OR take a break from larger tasks every 45 minutes to refresh yourself.

Tip 2 –make sure you work on what’s important rather than just doing STUFF. We all have lots of tasks (STUFF) to do but these activities aren’t always the best use of our time and in fact, many are a complete waste of time, energy and effort.

Tip 3 – To keep your mojo alive I recommend you keep yourself energetic through exercise. I have a client who goes for a walk/run every lunch time to recharge his batteries and to break up the tedium of being stuck at a computer all day.

Tip 4 – stay focused on your goals, the reasons WHY you’re doing what you do. Some clients use visible reminders of WHAT they are working for. It doesn’t really matter what you use just as long as you keep reminding yourself WHY you choose to do what you do.

Tip 5 – make sure you plan time with people into your day, every day. This could be a regular meeting with your business coach or advisor, going to networking events, planning to see key customers or making appointments to see potential new customers.

So the bottom line is if you’re feeling lonely – get out and meet some people.

Article written by Anthony M Turner – Small Business Coach/Mentor, Speaker, Author and the founder of Transform Your Business.

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