6 time saving tips from Donna Hanson

Here’s a few quick tips with thanks to Donna Hanson

1.       Excel Tip
Did you know you can type a date ie 24/6/2010 into a cell in Excel, place your mouse pointer on the bottom right corner of the cell [you will see a +].
Holding down your RIGHT mouse key drag the + down the screen.
A shortcut menu will display, choose Fill Weekdays to have only weekdays fill the cells

2.       Word Tip
Did you know that holding down the Control key + A selects the entire Word document?
Then try Control + [ to decrease the font size by one point or Control + ] to increase the font size by one point

3.       Outlook Tip
Quickly add a contact to your address book by dragging an email they sent to you to the Contacts icon.
A new contact will open up and [if their email has their contact details] you can easily drag and drop to fill in their phone and address details
– it’s usually when you need them that you don’t have them, so put them in at the start

4.       PowerPoint Tip
To put a logo onto every slide in your presentation, go to View, Master Slide Master [2003] or View, Slide Master [2007]
Whatever you place on the bulleted slide will appear on every bulleted slide in your presentation in the SAME place.

5.       Word Tip
Type in 3 hyphens [—] and press enter to get a solid line across your document – useful for headers or footers

6.       Excel Tip
Did you know you can force Excel to “wrap” text in a cell by placing your cursor at the end of the first “line” of text you want in the cell and pressing Alt + Enter.
Press enter again and the text will wrap where YOU want it to wrap

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