Are you on talking terms with your clients?

Are you on talking terms with your clients?  – By Pete Rowe from Bulldog CreatrixAre you on talking terms with your clients?

In successful small businesses, clients are of course, our lifeblood. Building a healthy clientbase to feed our business is thus an indication that your marketing has been a success. Retaining that clientbase, on the other hand, is a sign of marketing genius!

Competition for business is so intense in today’s marketplace, that all of your clients are fair game to your competitors. Many small businesses fail, especially in the first few years of business, because they lose clients or miss the opportunity to develop their business with their existing customers.

The simple solution to avoid this situation is COMMUNICATION.

Your client database, no matter what size it is, represents an immeasurable value. These are the customers who have bought your products or services and in whom you have invested all of your marketing time and budget to acquire. Furthermore, they are living, breathing, free advertisements for your business. It is imperative, therefore, to take your message to these clients.

It is complacent to assume that they will visit your website or contact you on a regular basis on the off-chance that you have something more to offer that will appeal to them.

A professional, attractive and informative newsletter, sent out to your clientbase periodically will reinforce the loyalty between your business and your clients. It will enable you to inform them of additional services you can offer, as well as facilitating feedback from your clients, so that you can tailor your services to their needs.

The biggest advantage of this type of communication medium is the longevity factor. A tangible reference point, such as a newsletter, can be easily accessed and be packed with information and incentives. It is delivered directly to the client and can be read at leisure. Although websites and ezines definitely have their place in any marketing strategy, electronic media has a notoriously short attention span (average visitor time to websites is around 3.5 minutes, whilst ezines can be as low as 51 seconds*).

The perceived value of a printed publication, mailed directly to a client, guarantees a positive uptake in terms of readability. Of course, cost implications have to be taken into account, but provided you mail out at least two newsletters or periodicals a year, Australia Post will implement their Print Post Service. This dramatically reduces postage rates. What’s more, depending on the size of your mailing list, a periodical could cost as little as $2-$3 per client. This is an extremely worthwhile investment, considering the fact that these clients already have an interest in your services and are more likely to be receptive to your marketing messages. *Nielsen Norman Group Report 2004

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