Are you the Temperature or the Thermostat?

A recent client described this well when he said ‘I’m the thermostat, I set the mood of everyone – whether good or bad’Are you the temperature or the thermostat?

Most small business owners are the latter (the Thermostat) and obviously have to be, but the real question is WHAT temperature are you setting AND is it the one you truly desire for your self, your staff and/or your customers?

Typically most small business owners are really busy. Why wouldn’t they be with deadlines to meat, customers to satisfy, staff to keep busy and a family to get home to. So it’s no wonder they occasionally lose it and create a havoc and disruption around them – some even seem to make a habit out of this.

Knowing where you are in your small business is not just about satisfying customer needs, the balance sheet or physical location of your business – it’s also about understanding YOU as an individual, your attitudes towards what you do, your attitudes towards change and more importantly, HOW you effect others around you.

Yes it’s true the truth can hurt – but in our experience, not as much as continuing to live a lie, which is THE key reason we help clients find out who they are and what their REAL impact is BEFORE doing any work on their business.

In my opinion it’s important EVERY small business owner takes themselves through a regular audit process based around questioning and obtaining feedback about them as individuals, their business, their ideals, their strengths and challenges plus evaluating the ongoing relevance of goals and scrutinizing attitudes including sometimes (depending on staff numbers) implementing a peer review to get the staff’s view of how things really are for THEM rather than how the small business owner may think they are from their own perception.

Once you’ve got this feedback you’re ready to ask your self some solid questions…

  • Am I being the temperature (part of the overall prevailing mood) or the thermostat (setting the mood of everyone around me)?
  • Am I turning up the heat too much and burning everyone out?
  • Am I turning the heat down too much and destroying the natural creativity and innovation that could help my business grow?
  • Am I being grumpy and creating tension?
  • Are my expectations realistic or based on a sense of desperation?
  • Do I have the right people doing the right jobs for me?

Once you’r wiling and able to answer these questions with total honesty – you can set the Thermostat to the Temperature that works best for everyone.

Article written by Anthony M Turner – Small Business Coach/Mentor, Speaker, Author and the founder of Transform Your Business.

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