Blending Spirituality & Business

Blending Spirituality & Business… by Anthony M Turner Blending Spirituality & Business

I remember going to a workshop where the presenter asked half of the audience to only breathe out and the other half to only breathe in. Obviously it all got messed up but not the meaning.

Breathing is a cycle that requires both to achieve harmony and balance. The presenter then drew a parallel with giving & receiving and asked why it is we so often keep giving and giving until our bubbles burst? Usually because we don’t feel comfortable receiving BUT as the presenter pointed out, what right do we have to deny others from giving to us?

A few years ago I drew a similar parallel with my attempts at creating a Spiritual Business. Because of my quest to live in alignment with Spirit, I turned my back on the other half of the equation – business in a misguided belief the two could not co-exist harmoniously.

After a while I came to the realization I was operating at the extremes of balance rather than the midpoint. I had been attempting to shut out the ‘evils’ of business and in so doing, had kept myself trapped in struggle. It took quite a while before I got it – MY Spiritual Business would only flourish when I combined Spirit and Business in the same way I combine breathing in with breathing out.

Fortunately I had the skills and learning from my background in marketing and business to know the ‘what’ of business principles and how to harmonize these with the important aspects of my spirituality.

But if, like most Natural Health Practitioners and small business owners, you don’t have a business or marketing background; how can you achieve this?

First, become clear about what you intend to achieve and ensure your head, heart and work are always aligned to that direction.

Second, take all the positive Spiritual Values you hold about integrity, service to others, respecting others and/or the planet and make them cornerstone Values for your business.

Third, fully open yourself to the Law of Abundance and recognize that through an equal balance of giving and receiving you are better able to fulfil your purpose and serve more people. If you find it hard to receive, remember you’re actually denying someone else the opportunity of doing what you like to do most – give.

Article written by Anthony M Turner – Small Business Coach/Mentor, Speaker, Author and the founder of Transform Your Business.

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