If you charge for your products or services you ARE in business

If you charge for your products or services you ARE in business… by Anthony M TurnerIf you charge for your products or services you ARE in business

So you’ve made a decision to charge for the services you provide BUT… have you also decided to give ‘business’ side of your activity the same care and diligence you give to the ‘product & services’ side?

If your answer is no – you are probably better served by accepting that you have just decided you have a hobby and need to find a job to pay the bills. If your answer however, is yes, you now have to decide how you’re going to start working towards creating the Business you desire.

So – let’s start with a mini stock take about your current situation…

1. Do you have sufficient clients on a consistent basis?

2. Are you working with the types of clients that you desire to work with?

3. Do you feel under financial pressure?

4. Have you had to get a job to make ends meet financially?

5. Do you believe that the economy – mortgage rates, fuel prices, higher costs of living – are affecting your clients decisions to come to you?

6. How much money do your really earn each year from your Business – that is the money left over AFTER you have paid tax and all the bills?

7. Is your Business giving you the life style you desire and if not, why not?

8. Do you have negative feelings about Marketing, Selling or Business Planning?

Next, think for a moment about any successful Company, business person, shop or service you respect and admire. Ask yourself – how did they get to be that way, what things do I like or dislike about their Business? These are valuable clues to help you formulate your picture of how you desire your business to be.

Most small business owners make the classic mistake of NOT learning essential business skills… so If you’re SERIOUS about being in business and choose NOT to be one of the 95% who fail in the first 5 years of operation, you WILL require planning, marketing and management tools to ensure your success  which is why we offer them on our website www.transformyourbusiness.com.au We also offer a FREE consultation to help you get to know us and find out how we might be able to help you.

Article written by Anthony M Turner – Small Business Coach/Mentor, Speaker, Author and the founder of Transform Your Business.

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