There are Good Reasons for running a PART time Massage Practice

There are Good Reasons for running a PART time Massage Practice… By Anthony M TurnerThere are Good Reasons for running a PART time Massage Practice

Not everybody HAS to run a full-time Massage Practice, in fact most don’t and there are some very good reasons not to, like… working full-time is taxing on the body and part time work allows for work/life balance. Other key reasons given for massaging part time are – there are too many others doing what I do, it’s hard to attract enough clients AND most common of all – I have to work another job so I can earn enough to meet my living expenses. So let’s look at these issues in more detail…

There are too many others doing what I do -With around 2000 massage practitioners graduating each year, it’s no wonder the market place seems full. However, there’s always going to be competition and it’s NOT the number of competitors that determine success – it’s YOUR attitude to competition that makes the difference.

For example, a friend moved to Sydney without knowing anyone and created a fully booked massage practice in 3 months by doing something different to other Practitioners in the area. Instead of being thwarted by ‘competition’ he looked at what they offered and didn’t offer and created a package that worked better for clients.

It’s hard to attract enough clients – It’s true, attracting clients can be difficult if you follow common promotional practices seen in the Natural Health Industry. The reality is most of these completely miss the mark in terms of communicating with potential clients. Clients are NOT interested in how many types of massage you have learnt or how long you have been in practice, THEY ARE ONLY interested in getting rid of the pain in their body.

I have to work another job so I can earn enough to meet my living expenses – Practitioners generally have NO concrete expectations about what they would like to achieve from being in Practice nor have they learnt any of the tools that will enable their success – no matter what level of success is desired. Is it surprising then that NO expectations = NO real results and NO business skills = NO business?

Most Practitioners miss the mark… working part time OR full time in your chosen modality has nothing to do with external influences, it’s ALL ABOUT desire and attitude.

Sure, many work part time whilst they establish their client base – but as the client base grows, it’s usually FEAR that stops them from taking the leap required to leave the security of regular income and go full time in their chosen profession.

Article written by Anthony M Turner – Small Business Coach/Mentor, Speaker, Author and the founder of Transform Your Business.

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