What about the Yeast?

What about the Yeast? – by Anthony M Turner What about the Yeast?

Yeast is a small but absolutely essential ingredient for turning dough into a loaf of bread. However, if you’ve ever attempted to make bread and left out the yeast you will know first-hand why your loaf fails to rise and therefore fails to reach its true potential.

You might well be asking – what has this got to do with business?

The answer really is quite simple. In our belief business skills and marketing tools are as essential for your business as yeast is for bread. Ask any successful business what has made them successful and I’m confident that they will respond by telling you about the importance of knowing what’s happening in your business at any given moment and about being able to maintain constant client numbers.

So how do you create the business and lifestyle you?

In our opinion there are five simple steps for success.

  • Know where you are
  • Know where you are going
  • Decide your income
  • Tell the world (marketing)
  • Manage for success

Success precept #1 – Know where you are

In knowing where you are the first question to ask is – what’s stopping you from having a life in business you desire?

For some it may be due to a lack of skills. For others it may be due to fear, fear about their skills, fear about rejection, fear about failure or fear about success. The reason doesn’t really matter – the important thing is to be absolutely real about your current circumstances and make a decision for something better.

It is only through being absolutely real with your situation and limitations do you provide yourself with the best foundation upon which to build.

Success precept #2 – Know where you are going

The ancient sage Confucius once said… “Man without target hit nothing”.

We all know successful people have goals, aspirations and dreams as the foundation for the direction. The question is do you?

Once you have a clear picture of how you choose your future to be it is easy to establish a plan to bring that picture into fruition.

Success precept #3 – Decide your income

Many business owners from all business types fall into the common financial trap of accepting the money that’s left at the end of the day as being their personal income.

In reality they have, by doing this, made a decision to accept leftovers and struggle as their energetic business pattern.

In truth there is no shortage of money – there is only a money shortage mentality. So how much are you worth?

Success precept #4 – Tell the world

What’s the point of being the best practitioner with the best clinic in the best location if nobody knows you exist?

Sadly many practitioners fall into the dilemma of having insufficient clients simply because they either feel uncomfortable about promoting themselves or, in some cases, feel promotion is selling themselves and this is in some way pushy and therefore inappropriate.

In reality marketing and selling are essential for your business to succeed.

At this point ask why you have spent all the time, energy and money you most likely have on study to obtain your qualifications and then fail to tell the people desperately seeking your skills that you exist. We consider this a waste and have met many practitioners who feel the same way.

Success precept #5 -Manage for success

It doesn’t matter whether you use a shoebox, filing cabinet or computer to store your information; you have created a system for managing your business records. Obviously some are more effective than others, but what they really are about is finding an appropriate way for handling all the stuff you would most likely rather forget.

The most common failure point of business is the lack of awareness of what is happening within their business in regard to finances, clients, marketing and management of staff. This is why we believe it’s paramount small businesses copy large businesses in terms of establishing appropriate management tools and systems to ensure the business meets its many objectives and responsibilities.

Not sure how to go about putting all this into place? We suggest you engage the services of a business coach or mentor to assist with both the development of your business and for ongoing support, advice and assistance along your business journey. There are many individuals who provide these services but it is important, when considering working with somebody you choose someone who has both the skills and feels right for you.

Article written by Anthony M Turner – Small Business Coach/Mentor, Speaker, Author and the founder of Transform Your Business.

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