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Terms & Conditions of SaleTransform your Business Terms & Conditions

Price List sales

  • Fees and/or prices quoted are GST inclusive unless otherwise indicated on our price lists and/or as published on our respective websites.
  • Fees and prices shown in our price list or as published on our websites are always the fees and/or prices invoiced unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Any Personal visits or work stated as ‘face to face’ relates to work conducted within a 100km radius of our Yarra Valley based office unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Recovery of incurred travel and/or accommodation costs when working outside of the 100km radius of our Yarra Valley based office will be billed unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any such travel, meals and/or accommodation will be charged as per receipts obtained.
  • Mileage charges may be invoiced for road travel to and from Client premises outside of the 100km radius of our Yarra Valley based office for the proportion that exceeds 100 kilometres. Agreement for such charges is made with clients PRIOR to commencing Travel. The fee is $0.69 cents per km.
  • Product sales are subject to postage and handling charges unless otherwise indicated.
  • Retainer based services which include FREE email/phone contact of up to 15 minutes are subject to fair and reasonable usage. Fair and reasonable usage is considered to a maximum of 3-5 contacts per week. Any additional call time may be billed at the ruling Consulting Hourly rate for actual time used.
  • All accounts are payable within 21 days from date of invoice.

On-line purchases of product and/or payment for Workshop registrations.


  • e-motivation/Transform Your Business uses the SSL secure facilities of PayPal for all credit card, eftpos and PayPal account payments under the name of e-motivation.
  • e-motivation/Transform Your Business accepts no liability for any financial loss incurred by users either as a direct or indirect result of using these services. In the unlikely event of a client experiencing financial loss, we advise patrons to contact their local PayPal office for assistance in resolving such issues.


  • e-motivation/Transform Your Business agrees to exchange any product (book, CD and/or DVD) that is found to be faulty or contains a defect that is directly attributable to the manufacturing process and will refund any costs associated with the return of any such product.
  • e-motivation/Transform Your Business accepts no liability and therefore refuses to either provide a refund and/or exchange for any product exhibiting faults and/or damage that is created by misuse of that product and/or for damages that may be incurred in transit.
  • For product claims to be considered valid, they must be made in writing to e-motivation (quoting any appropriate invoice numbers and/or consignment details) within 5 days of receipt of the product purchase.


  • As e-motivation/Transform Your Business uses external postage and courier services for the transportation and delivery of product between e-motivation/Transform Your Business and the customer, e-motivation/Transform Your Business accepts no liability for damages caused by these third party carriers or for any loss of product during the transportation process.
  • e-motivation/Transform Your Business will provide all reasonable assistance to customers in their attempts to rectify delivery issues should they be required.
  • e-motivation/Transform Your Business recommends customers seek appropriate insurance to cover potential damages and/or loss that can occur in transportation.


  • e-motivation/Transform Your Business reserves the right to cancel any Workshop or Seminar that it may promote in the event there are insufficient numbers to make the particular workshop or seminar either financially viable or an appropriate learning environment for participants.
  • In the event of cancellation, participants will either have their bookings transferred to the next available Workshop or Seminar, be offered the opportunity for transferring any fees paid to any another e-motivation/Transform Your Business workshop or seminar or have the option of receiving a refund.
  • In the event a participant changes their mind about participation in a specific workshop or seminar and requests a refund, a full refund (less any costs associated with any published materials despatched to the Participant) will be made provided such cancellation is made in writing at least 21 days prior to the commencement date of the particular Workshop and/or Seminar.
  • Where participant cancellations are made and/or are received between 8 – 21 days prior to the commencement date of a particular Workshop or Seminar, a 50% refund (less the costs associated with any published materials that may have been delivered to the Participant) will be made.
  • NO refunds are made available for any cancellations made by participants made in 7 (or less) days prior to commencement of a particular Workshop and/or Seminar.

Accounts can be paid by Credit Card – MasterCard or Visa, PayPal and/or direct deposit to our Bank Account – refer invoice for details and/or by cheque made payable and mailed to

Transform Your Business – PO Box 101, Seville, Victoria 3139

Please note – ALL credit card transactions will appear as e-motivation on your statements

Whilst being current at time of issue, all price lists and/or stated fees can be altered without prior notice.