TYB Affiliate Program

Are you happy to recommend our services?

If your answer is yes – then we would like to express our appreciation by paying YOU a 20% commission on the business we receive as a result of your recommendation.

ALL you have to do is register here and complete the registration form.

Once registered you will receive a confirmation email with your user id and password. You should then click on the e-logo button below and set up the links from your web-site to ours.

After, that you will be enrolled as an Affiliate*and will automatically receive 20% of the value of all product sales or workshop bookings your friends and colleagues make on the Transform your Business products and services as offered on our web-site. 

You can also check what’s happening and how see much you have earned at any time by clicking on the e-logo button at right.

Please note that the Affiliate Program is in the name of e-motivation (our parent company)