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Mentoring OR Coaching – what’s the difference?

Would you prefer to engage someone who has REAL experience or learned the theory?

In our experience Business Mentoring is much more powerful than Business Coaching for one key reason – Business Mentors are people who have lived and continue to live the stuff they work with whilst many so called Business Coaches have simply paid a fee to learn a ‘coaching system’ and who often have no real experience themselves.

The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary provides the following descriptions…

Mentor n. – an experienced and trusted adviser

Coach n. – an instructor or trainer, a private tutor

We’re proud our clients see us as their trusted adviser.

They say they appreciate how we work closely with them and we’ll do the same with YOU to provide the outcomes you require by listening to your issues, discussing alternative options and making suggestions (based on our experience) as to a direction we believe best suited and appropriate to YOUR situation. The final decision however is always yours.

Do we provide Business Mentoring or Business Coaching?

Typically we provide a combination of both Business Mentoring AND Business Coaching – first by discussing and understanding your needs, Mentoring by advising and making suggestions based on our experience and Coaching by instructing/training you in the use of tools and processes we have developed relevant to Transforming Your Business.

The difference is we only provide ideas, tools, templates and processes we (and most of our 1000+ clients) use ourselves and we know (through direct experience) work in small business environments like yours.

So, if you’re serious about change and ready to start transforming YOUR business- take the first step by taking our FREE Business Health Check by clicking on the picture below

This FREE Business Health Check provides a series of questions to give both YOU and us an insight into what needs to happen for you to get the success you desire and is the standard starting point for ALL our Coaching/Mentoring programs.

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