5 Steps – Health Businesses

Health BusinessesWho’s taking care of the health of YOUR health business?

Most health practitioners form all modalities share a passion for healing and a strong desire to help everyone – often at the expense of  themselves. This highly effective self-paced 5 Steps to a Successful Health Business online program takes you on a journey of self-discovery, goal setting, implementation of proven success tools and development of essential business skills that (if applied) will multiply your chances of success a thousand fold.

The 5 Success Steps are…

* Know where you are – this where we take an audit of everything you have (or don’t have) so we can understand what REALLY is slowing down or preventing you from attracting your success

* Know where you are going  – in this second Step we help you get clear about YOUR goals – your reasons for being in business – and then help you create meaningful, manageable and realistic action plans suited to YOUR specific situation, your specific business ideas/concepts and desired outcomes.

* Decide YOUR Income – most Health Business owners pay the bills and keep what’s left over at the end of the week or month. So imagine how much better you would feel if every week you had all the money you required to pay your bills AND enjoy a dependable income from your activities. In this third Step we show and teach you HOW to turn on the money tap and make your financial concepts a practical reality.

* Tell the World – you could have the best product, the best idea or the best service in the world BUT this means diddly-squat if NO ONE knows about it. In Step 4 we help you get your head around the basics of marketing, work out who your real customers are, what they want and how/where to communicate with them to bring you the people you most need – customers.

* Manage for Success – most business owners manage their businesses to avoid failure and end up running around in circles like the proverbial hamster on a wheel. In Step 5 we help you sort out what’s KEY for YOUR success plus provide many really simple to use and effective tools that will both keep you on track for success AND help you quickly identify what has to be fixed if things go wrong.

The great thing about our self-paced online learning options is the flexibility  – this simply means you can plan your development and learning around managing the kids, working in the business or doing whatever else it is you have to do. The materials are drip fed – i.e. once you complete one section, the next becomes available – to make sure you stay on track and get all the building blocks for your success in the right order.

Our experience shows that people who take on training without coaching to assist with implementation rarely change the way they do things  BUT the ones who do take up coaching find…

  • they get better and faster results from having professional support
  • they understand the benefits of having someone to be accountable to
  • they love having an expert on hand to answer questions or to make suggestions that often saves them both time and money
  • they enjoy having access to a Coach who can assist with THEIR specific business f

Here’s what you get – all the  tools, templates and learning guides you’ll need to create the business you desire PLUS email coaching for just $97/month – and if you’re 1 of the first 100 to register you’ll get the whole package for a low $79/month (including GST/taxes)

So, if you’re ready to step up to the success you desire click the Registration Button and get started on YOUR 5 Steps to a Successful Health Business…

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