FAQ'sMany people are unsure about WHY they should use a Coach/Mentor for their business or WHAT to ask when searching for one.

The following are common questions we get asked by people like you.

Hopefully, they will put your mind at ease about the where, what, why, how and when of using a service like ours.

What is business coaching and how does it work?

Coaching is a powerful partnership between a coach (me) and a client (you) that’s all about using my experience/expertise to help YOU create the business and lifestyle you desire. You choose the specific areas you want to be coached in, and I encourage, challenge and work alongside you, to help you achieve the results you want.

Is coaching for me?

I am occasionally asked if coaching is the right choice for someone. The truth is EVERYONE can benefit from coaching but not everyone is ready for coaching. If you are considering engaging a business coach, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would I like more clients or more business?
  • Am I feeling uncertain about my next step?
  • Do I run out of time, or need more systems in my business?
  • Would I like someone to bounce ideas off and hold me accountable?

If you answer yes to any of these questions and you are both willing and committed to making changes, then coaching is right for you!

What do I need to know before choosing a business coach?

When selecting a Coach for your Business there are 2 things you MUST know

  • WHY you are seeking a Coach
  • WHAT area of your business requires Coaching – e.g. marketing, finance OR all of it

Once you are clear on these points you can select a Coach most suited to YOUR needs

What do I need to know when choosing a business coach?

There are many types of people who profess to be Business Coaches – many are Accountants, Lawyers, marketers or life coaches who work in the business arena as well. The key however is for YOU to find one who has the right skills to help YOU and YOUR business. We suggest you ask potential coaches some of the following questions…

  • WHAT expertise do you have in the area my business operates in? (e.g. if you’re in retail, does the Coach have Retail experience)
  • What Clients have you Coached in my industry? (this can provide useful referral points to check the Coach is whet he/she says)
  • As a Coach, what independent professional associations are you Registered with? e.g. International Coaches Federation (ICF) and CoachNetwork are independent bodies we respect because they have a selection criteria based on experience AND qualifications that Coaches must meet to become members.
  • What is the Coach’s OWN business experience and how successful is his/her own business?
  • What do you charge for your services and what’s included in those charges?in our experience many Coaches charge an hourly or session rate PLUS extras (a bit like the way an accountant or lawyer does). We believe the price you pay should be clear from the outside – that’s why we charge for sessions (this allows time flexibility without higher fees) AND we include ALL required materials, templates, handouts plus follow up calls/emails as PART of our session fee.
  • How can I experience what you do and how you do it at a low cost? there are many ways to experience a potential Coach – listen to them make a presentation either live or on a video, meet them at Networking events OR ask them for an introductory consultation. We know how hard it is to select a Coach which is why we offer a FREE first session so you can find out if we’re right for YOU.

How long does a coaching engagement take?

This varies and depends on your goals and the complexity of the business challenges that have to be overcome. This is not a silver bullet or quick fix; it takes time to turn around aspects of how you currently do things and to create a success blueprint. That’s why our average coaching program lasts for six to twelve months and usually takes the form of weekly or fortnightly sessions to get your goals, planning and business & marketing strategies in place. After that, a monthly check in session to ensure everything stays on track works for most clients.

WHY would I use a business coach?

  • To grow your business skills and/or knowledge – because business is always changing it’s important to keep on developing both your personal and business skills and/or knowledge. A good Coach will have the additional skills you require and will an ongoing support that’s vital as your business continues to grow.
  • To help with making GOOD decisions –  Coaches are often sounding boards for new ideas or directions because they’re ‘outside’ of the idea and are therefore their unbiased opinions assist with increasing the number of positive decisions  you make.
  • To gain insights into the successes and failures of others – this is a great benefit to business owners because many of them work alone and don’t get to see how or what others are really doing.
  • To save you time and money – a good coach can answer a lot of your questions and help prevent you from making many costly mistakes simply because of their direct experience and/or because they have a wider view of what’s happening in the wider business world.
  • To help keep you accountable to your goals and direction – Setting and meeting goals is not only important but vital in order for your business to be successful. Coaches work with you to decide your next important steps AND encourage you as you move towards your goals.
  • To guide you in developing a success model for your business – achieving goals is one thing, but developing a success model to guarantee future success is essential to help you continually build value in this important asset by ensuring your business remains aligned with your personal goals and ambitions.

What sort of people/businesses do you work with?

Our speciality is Small/Medium/Micro Businesses who typically employ less than 20 people and who share the following things in common…

  • They are passionate about what they do
  • They have a strong desire to build a prosperous business that serves the owners, staff and clients well and provides them with the financial and time freedom they desire
  • They are prepared and able to put the work in that’s required to make it happen
  • They have the willingness to invest in themselves and their business in order to reach their goals
  • They are willing to be challenged by the Coach and willing to make the changes required for the business to succeed
  • They are typically independent, decisive, forward thinking and positive individuals

What makes you different to other Business Coaches?

There are three main things that make me different from other Business Coaches:

  • I ONLY work with individuals who are ready and willing to make positive change in their lives and businesses.
  • I KNOW from personal experience (and from that of the 1500+ small business owners I’ve helped so far) that if you’re not connecting your heart’s passion with your mind and work at all times your business stalls and becomes hard work. This is why I combine personal development AND business tools to get both you and the business working in the right direction on an ongoing basis.
  • All of the tools, templates and strategies I recommend are ones I both use myself and have been proven to work by the 1500+ small businesses we’ve helped so far.

How can we work together?

There are several ways we can work together. First by joining Club TYB and gaining ‘client access’ to special offers, free stuff and a range of suppliers who offer preferential deals for Club TYB Members. Second, by selecting one of our business improvement programs or thirdly, by enrolling in either our Transform Your Business – business development program or one of our one day seminars. If you have any questions about our skills development programs please feel welcome to contact me on 1300 856 808.

What can I expect from you when working with me?

That depends on the program you choose because different programs have varying levels of personal involvement from me. What you can always expect from me is:

  • I am ‘present’ and fully committed to YOUR success every time we connect
  • I am transparent and honest with you at all times
  • I am constantly learning and growing myself so I can stay at the forefront of developments and bring you the best tools and strategies that have been tested and proven within my own business

Also it’s important you are aware up front that I choose NOT to work with people

  • who are undecided about what they want to do and/or whether running a business is the right option for them
  • who are not seriously committed or not prepared to make the necessary investments to succeed
  • whose only interest is to make money at the expense of others
  • who resist my advice or sabotage my efforts to help them grow

What is expected of me when working with you?

As I am generous in giving time, energy and expertise to my clients, I choose my clients very carefully. As a client I expect you are…

  • as committed and as willing as I am to do whatever it takes to reach your goals
  • are aligned with a philosophy of authenticity, providing great value and being paid well for what you offer
  • willing to complete agreed work in agreed time frames and therefore hold up your end of our agreement
  • willing to take full responsibility for keeping our working relationship powerful by speaking openly, honestly and without blame when you have a problem and by asking for what you need

I don’t live in Australia, can you help me too?

Yes, we can – we already work with people in New Zealand and the USA by doing our coaching work via, Skype, phone and/or email.

Before I decide, can I sample your work at low or no cost?

Definitely, there are 2 ways to do this – you can watch this video  and/or registering for a complimentary and obligation free phone consultation about your business issues.


Are there any guarantees?

YES – we’re happy to provide a 100% money back guarantee on our work. All we ask is that you implement what you learn and the changes we recommend within agreed time frames. Clients usually report successes within a short time of working with me, so if you don’t generate your investment back in additional revenue over 12 months, we’ll happily refund your fees.


Ok, so how do we get started?

That’s simple – either call me on 1300 856 808 to book an appointment OR book into one of my development program or day seminars on the Seminars & Workshops page OR email me