People = business, people satisfaction = MORE business…

Come on; put your hands up if you would like more business.

I suspect the majority of you have your hands up right now and I also suspect you think the people I’m talking about means customers.

My question is why would you think people only relates to customers?

No, this is not a dumb question and yes it’s obvious that all businesses require customers to make money and every business with an intention to grow or succeed requires a steady flow of customers through their door.

From the work I’ve done helping many businesses grow and develop, I’ve found the majority of business owners spend most of their time thinking and planning about how to generate more sales, more cash flow and more profits but very few think and plan HOW they are going to improve their people relationships.

This is the very reason I invite you to stop for a moment to ponder what a good friend of mine thinks about business – ‘business is purely about people connecting with people’ and think about whether the focus for your business is about transactions and money OR about building stronger and more powerful relationships with the people connected to your business?

Typically the response to this question is business is ALL about profitability and cash flow. So I ask a simple second question – where would your profitability and cash flow be without people supporting you or buying from you?

You see the whole reason for being in a business is to provide goods and services which offer solutions to a customer’s problem. That’s right, we are problem solvers not (despite the views of many) sellers of products and services, managers or administrators. Yet in my experience many business owners and their staff often see the people they serve as interruptions to their work rather than as their best, but often least respected business assets.

The other thing I have noticed when discussing people with small business owners is the focus is nearly always put on customers. Seldom is consideration given to the many other people within the business environment – e.g. staff, suppliers, delivery drivers, neighbouring traders, strategic partners and any other people their business interacts with.

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