Transformation Table

OK – so you’ve decided you’re ready to make some serious change and take your business to the next level…

Welcome to the Transformation Table

The Transformation Table Program is NOT for everyone BUT is totally relevant to any business owner who feels stuck on the hamster wheel of business (i.e. working hard and standing still) and who is ready for the opportunity to both claim their lives back and create the success they desire.

Because the Transformation Table Program is NOT for everyone – ALL prospective Members are required to register their interest and are then screened through an interview process to ensure…

  • they are committed to positive change,
  • committed to taking action,
  • prepared to accept ‘tough love’ feedback, 
  • prepared to actively participate in and complete the  Transformation Table Process
  • will be both compatible with other Group Members and
  • have something of real value to add to their specific Transformation Table Group.

So what exactly is our signature Transformation Table Program? 

It’s an action based learning and coaching platform for small groups (6-12) that’s run in a face to face format and spread over 6 months so you have time to integrate what has been learned and decided as appropriate for your specific business. The focus is on YOU, YOUR business issues and how to turn these into success opportunities. The learning, integration and support structure comes from a combination of Group tuition/interaction, a buddy system and personalised coaching.

The face  to face  model for our Transformation Table Process combines a series of

  • 6 full day working sessions (one per month) at a neutral location where we canvass core topics relating to direction, finances, marketing, sales and management and develop specific action strategies to lead your business to the success you desire
  • 6 personalized business coaching sessions for one to one instruction
  •  ‘hot seating (group discussion/problem solving)
  • full access to our complete library of support tools, templates, articles, books and videos
  • participation in ongoing activities for Transformation Table graduates.

OK – we both know you believe you’re ready and know you require help to achieve the success you desire.

So stop procrastinating – CLICK THIS LINK and register your interest.

Once registered, we will call you to discuss your suitability, confirm the requirements for participation and answer any questions.

As a thank you for registering we’ll send you a complimentary copy of our e-book ‘Hamster NO MORE…surviving the small business treadmill’ – yours to keep whether you’re accepted for the Transformation Table or not.